Become a traveler

Become a Traveler!

Satisfy your wanderlust AND find the career of your dreams with a Cross Country Education travel assignment.

Explore and Grow

Expand your horizons as you bring your specialized skills in therapy, nursing, or special education to students in schools across the nation. Grow personally and professionally as you embark on a journey and career in a new region and work environment.

Travel Opportunities for an Array of School-Support Professionals

Cross Country Education is educator-led, student-driven and solutions-oriented. That’s why we are dedicated to connecting professionals like you with schools and students who need your expertise and services. We have exciting travel assignments for professionals including:

Why Work in Schools?

Here’s why so many therapists, counselors, nurses, teachers, and other educational support professionals love working in public, private, and charter schools across the nation:
Autonomy. School settings offer independence and autonomy that fosters professional growth and responsibility.
Freedom. School-based assignments follow the school calendar and teacher work hours, allowing for plenty of free time to relax and explore.
Networking. Travel assignments provide opportunities to make new friends, develop professional connections, and learn how different schools and systems operate.
Compensation. The demand for school-based professionals, especially those who will travel, is reflected in compensation. It’s possible to earn more at a school than in a medical setting.
Security. There’s growing demand for school support professionals as kids nationwide need access to specialized services. Opportunities abound, especially for professionals who are eager to travel.
Reward. Best of all, school-based professionals get to work with kids! Whether your caseload consists of preschoolers, elementary school children, tweens, teens, or young adults, the experience of helping students cope and succeed in school and life is unparalleled. It is profoundly meaningful work.

Why Choose Cross Country Education?

With over 50 years of combined dedicated expertise, we service the education industry exclusively. At Cross Country Education, we guide and nurture our educational providers throughout their careers by partnering with them and providing access to coaching, resources, and development. To us, our role is more than providing jobs. By sharing knowledge, learning and resources with our professionals, we can develop a deep and collective strategy for helping them achieve a fulfilling career.

A Travel Program Designed Just for You

Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional, when you work with Cross Country Education, you’ll find the ideal travel assignment that checks all your boxes.

Start Your Journey Now

Connect with one of our skilled recruiters today to learn how you can embark on an exciting travel assignment and help students, parents, and schools who need you most! You may also visit our FAQ page by clicking here.

Real Talk
I am so thrilled with my assignment! I love coming to work every day! Thank you! - Jacqueline T