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Rapport Building Tips for TAs, SpEd Aides and Behavior Aides

rapport building tips for tas sped aides and behavior aides

Rapport is the foundation on which student support is built. Rapport building, when done correctly, creates a positive relationship from the start of an assignment, which can lead to growth in the student academically, behaviorally, and socially.

School-Based OTs: Working as Part of a Multidisciplinary Team


School OTs can develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary team approach and strengthen their skills in playing an active role on these teams. Here's how.

Meet Veronica L., Special Education Aide

Meet Veronica L Special Education Aide

This special education aide shares what it's like to work with the Cross Country Education team and schools and gives excellent advice for those interested in this rewarding career.

Meet Maja S., DIS Counselor


Meet Maja S., a DIS counselor who enjoys “working with younger people who are growing and going through life transitions.” Read more about why she chose Cross Country Education and why we love Maja!

Travel Teacher: Learn the Basics!


Here’s what you need to know about the exciting field of travel teaching – who it’s for, how it works, what the benefits are, and more!

Incorporate National Hispanic Heritage Month into your Classroom

Incorporate National Hispanic Heritage Month into your Classroom

As we enter National Hispanic Heritage month, here are some tips on how to incorporate resources and content into your classroom.

How SLPs Can Set Goals and Get Organized for a Great School Year

How SLPs Can Set Goals and Get Organized for a Great School Year

Successful school SLPs don’t just set goals for their students – they also set goals for themselves. Here’s how to set targeted goals and prepare for your best school year yet!

ADHD and Stimulation-Seeking Behavior

ADHD and Stimulation-Seeking Behavior

Understanding how the ADHD brain works can help students with ADHD thrive – in school and beyond.

Pencil Grasp Development

Pencil grasp development

Pencil grasp development occurs in several predictable stages. Here are pencil grasp resources for OTs to help kids strengthen their ability to write, color and draw.

What to Do About the National Teacher Shortage

national teacher shortage

Is your school still searching for qualified teachers? Don’t tackle the national teacher shortage alone. Cross Country Education has the processes, connections and access to a pipeline of qualified educators.

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