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Virtual Occupational Therapy – Tips for Successful Online OT Sessions

girl student doing virtual OT

Many school OTs are now delivering services online. Here are valuable tips from fellow occupational therapists for structuring and implementing virtual sessions to help OTs continue to provide the services their kids need and deserve.

Want to Be a BII Specialist? Here’s What You Should Know.

BII Specialist with handicap child

Learn what it takes to improve kids’ lives as a behavior intervention specialist. These tips from behavioral intervention implementation professionals describe how you can best assist students with disabilities—in the classroom and beyond.

5 Ways to Support Teachers in Combatting Inequities

Stop Racism Hands

As an educational leader, you can help your teachers build fair and just classrooms that are safe learning spaces for all kids. Bookmark and share these resources with your teachers so that together, we can all continue combatting inequities.

8 Skills You’ll Need to be a Successful Occupational Therapist

8 skills you will need to be an OT

Want to be an OT? Here are 8 traits that make occupational therapists effective. To begin with, they’re imaginative, genuine, collaborative, and versatile. Keep reading to find out more and to discover whether you’ve got what it takes!

Student Behavior Amid COVID

children in school during COVID

As a teacher, you may notice your students have increased behavioral support needs as a result of COVID. Here is a Behavior 101 Refresher, along with what behaviors to watch for, what reactions to avoid, and how to best help your kids during this time.

Stress-Free Scheduling for SLPs

Hero blog SLP Scheduling

Scheduling speech services for your students can be overwhelming and stressful when you’re a busy school SLP. Not to worry! With these strategies and tools, you’ll be well on your way to a smoother scheduling experience this school year.

Want to be a Special Education Teacher? Here’s what you should know.

Special Education Teacher

As a special education teacher you can make learning accessible for all kids! Learn what it takes to improve the lives of countless students as a special education teacher and discover whether it’s a career fit for you!

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day

In honor of National Coloring Book Day on August 2, we’re offering some super-cool, FREE coloring sheets for both kids and adults to download and enjoy.

Want to be a Teacher? Here’s What You Should Know.

Hero blog teacher 8 things

So, you want to improve the lives of children? Become a teacher! If you are considering a career as a teacher, here’s some insight from those who’ve been there.

School Psychologists Can Help PREPaRE Kids to Return to School After COVID Shutdowns

School After COVID Shutdowns

As a school psychologist, you will play a key role in helping kids resume school after COVID shutdowns. Use these simple steps and corresponding questions to discover how you can help your school PREPaRE for a safe return for your students.

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