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How to Include Parents Who Don't Speak English in Students' IEP Meetings


Are you holding an IEP meeting for a student whose parents or guardians don't speak English? Here are tips to help it run smoothly.



This CNA shares what it's like to work with the Cross Country Education team and schools and gives excellent advice for those interested in this rewarding career.

Educator Spotlight – Gregg S., Substitute Teacher

Gregg S., Substitute Teacher

We’re celebrating Gregg S., an outstanding substitute teacher, who is passionate about helping students succeed.

Top 3 Letter Formation Apps for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Top 3 Letter Formation Apps for Preschoolers and Kinde

Here are our favorite letter formation apps to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn to write letters

AAC Goals for Speech Therapy

Hero blog SLPA Blog

Here’s how to write the best possible SLP AAC goals for your students.

Educator Spotlight – Lissa M., Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Hero blog SLPA Blog

We’re celebrating Lissa M., an outstanding Adapted Physical Education Teacher who is passionate about her students and helping them succeed.

Educators Are Always Role Models Too

Educators Are Always Role Models Too

The words educator and role model go hand in hand because students look up to their teachers. This blog post includes communication reminders so that we, as role models, can portray behaviors that can be emulated by our students.

3 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s History Month in the Classroom


March is Women's History Month, which presents the opportunity to celebrate the essential roles of women in our country's history and educate our youth who will become future trailblazers.

How to Help Students When Anxiety Strikes


Here’s how to recognize anxiety in students, common causes of student anxiety, what to say to students when anxiety strikes, and more.

Addressing School Avoidance: Tips for Educators

Addressing School Avoidance

The concept of avoiding school is not surprising given the landscape of our world over the last few years. With education, collaboration, and a deep understanding of why students choose not to attend school, we can get kids back into the classroom.

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