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How School Psychologists Can Help Students Deal With Pandemic Trauma


School psychologists: Here are tips from our team on how to help children thrive despite pandemic trauma. It provides a refresher on trauma and brain functions, guidance on helping children cope with COVID stress, and tips for making your initial meetings

Employee Spotlight – Counselors Carlynn P. and Oksana S.

Hero blog Counselors Oksana

School counselors Carlynn P. and Oksana S. share why they decided to become school counselors, what they enjoy most about working with the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice they have for school counselors just now embarking on thei

Teacher Resources for Racial Equality in Education

Hero blog DEI Resources blog

These resources, compiled by one of our educators, promote racial equality in education. From learning acceleration to academic recovery with equality in mind, the websites offer guidance to help teachers support all of their students.

SLPs Play a Vital Role on the IEP Team

 play vital role on IEP team

One of the many ways speech language pathologists support students who have communication needs is by serving as vital members of their IEP teams.

How Educators Can Boost Morale and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

Hero blog Boost morale and mental health

As we look to start another school year with COVID-19 very much in the picture, we must continue to consider the mental health aspect for our students.

Student Behavior Amid COVID

children in school during COVID

As a teacher, you may notice your students have increased behavioral support needs as a result of COVID. Here is a Behavior 101 Refresher, along with what behaviors to watch for, what reactions to avoid, and how to best help your kids during this time.


Approches for school special education provider

Over a year after the country witnessed the murder of George Floyd and countless others, the need to address the social and racial injustices that have affected Black communities remains at the forefront of the news and social media.

School Psychologists Can Help Students Return to School After An Unusual Year

School After COVID Shutdowns

School psychologists played a key role in helping kids that returned to in-person school after the COVID shutdowns last year.

Spotlighting Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Ana P


Meet Ana P., a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA), who loves “helping children develop, improve and adapt skills that allow them to be as independent as possible.”

Employee Spotlight – Special Education Aide Jackie C.

Hero blog Jackie C

We’re spotlighting Jackie C., who was originally inspired to become a special education aide by her sister and who now loves working with children with various abilities and ages.

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