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Meet CNA, Mirella L.!


We’re spotlighting an outstanding CNA Mirella L. Here’s why she decided to become a CNA, the reasons she enjoys working with CCE and her advice for new CNAs

Classroom Management: Transitions

Classroom Management Transitions

Regardless of your professional role within the classroom, the students you work with transition between activities, tasks, classes, groups and more. Learn how to make these transitions smooth and productive.

Talking With Students About Violence

Hero blog School Violence

School psychologists, school counselors and social workers are uniquely positioned to talk with kids about violence. Here are resources to help.

Promoting Diversity in the K-12 Classroom

Promoting Diversity in the K-12 Classroom

Learn about the importance of diversity and strategies that can impact your K-12 classroom

Why Seasoned SLPs Choose to Work with Agencies

Why Seasoned SLPs Choose to Work with Agencies

Should you work with an agency or for a school district? Here’s why experienced SLPs turn to agencies like ours.

Reflecting for Success

Reflecting for Success

Reflecting on your practice is an integral part of growing as an educator. Learn strategies to help your students and yourself reflect within this blog.

Sensory Issue or Behavior Disorder?

Hero blog Sensory Issue or Behavior Disorder

School OTs: Here are clues to help you determine whether a student’s behavior is due to sensory processing disorder or behavior disorder.

Meet School Counselor, Michael J.!

Hero blog Michel J

We’re spotlighting an outstanding school counselor, Michael J. Here’s why he decided to become a counselor, the reasons he enjoys CCE and his advice for new counselors.

Expressive Language: A Refresher for School SLPs

Hero blog expressive language

To help school SLPs better support their students, Barbara Gutierrez, EdD, CCC-SLP, has compiled helpful information from Speech Therapy Talk Services and CSLS Therapy on vocabulary, syntax, mechanics and more.

Meet Substitute Teacher, Ruby M.!

Hero blog Ruby M

Want to know what it’s like to be a substitute teacher with Cross Country Education? Here’s what one of our outstanding subs, Ruby M., has to say…

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