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Identifying Specific Learning Disabilities in an Era of School Closures and Learning Losses


How can educators determine whether their students are struggling from lost instructional time or something more – like a specific learning disability? Learn more.

Employee Spotlight – Case Manager and Academic Assessor Jennifer A.

Hero blog Jennifer A

Meet Jennifer, a case manager and academic assessor who loves supporting and advocating for students with different needs.

School-based OTs: Boost Your Presentation Skills for Successful IEP Meetings

School-based OTs Boost Your Presentation Skills for Successful

Whether you’re just embarking on your career as a school-based occupational therapist or you are an experienced school OT who wants to polish your presentation skills, these tips are for you!

Countering the Spring Struggle


As we approach spring, teachers often find that behavior issues escalate. Here are some tips on countering that as we round the school year.

Mental Imagery to Support Reading Comprehension

Mental Imagery

SLPs and reading teachers: Mental imagery boosts reading comprehension. Here are tips on teaching students how to create mental imagery when reading or being read to!

Employee Spotlight – Substitute Teacher Jack S.


Meet Jack, a former teacher who decided to become a sub. Learn why he decided to become a substitute teacher, what he loves about the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice he has for new subs!

Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing During the Pandemic


School psychologists: Are you looking for unique ways to help your students thrive as they return to in-person learning? Here are best practices to help!

Women’s History Month: Teaching Resources on Intersectionality

Hero blog Womens history month

Check out these teaching resources on intersectionality, designed to include marginalized students, like LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and disabled individuals, when teaching about women’s history.

Employee Spotlight – Adapted Physical Education Teacher Darlene S

Darlene S Blog Image

Meet Darlene S., an Adapted P.E. teacher who loves helping students enhance their skills and confidence to be more successful in school and in everyday physical activities.

Time-Saving Tips for School-Based Occupational Therapists


Here’s how school OTs can manage time like a boss and focus on what really matters – making a lasting difference in the lives of others!

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