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Employee Spotlight - Tina J., LVN


Licensed vocational nurse, Tina J., shares why she decided to become an LVN and what she would tell nurses just embarking on their careers.

Bullying Prevention – Resources for Educators

girls bullying another student

Help prevent bullying among your students with these outstanding resources, including engaging activities, videos, lesson plans, cartoons, celebrity appearances, and more.

Writing Present Levels of Performance: Tips for School OTs

woman thinking about what to write

Writing present levels of performance (PLPs) is a large part of your role as a school-based occupational therapist. Use these tips to set up a template to streamline your PLP-writing processes.

Dynamic Assessment and Non-word Repetition for School SLPs

Speech Language Pathologist assessing student

School SLPs, do you need some ideas for informal assessments to use with your students? Try dynamic assessment and non-word repetition!

Employee Spotlight – Nicole B., School Nurse

Nicole B., School Nurse

School nurse Nicole B. shares why she became a school nurse, what she loves about working with Cross Country Education, and what advice she has for those just embarking on their school nurse careers.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Awareness

Here are our favorite resources for teachers on how to recognize the signs of ADHD, where to find ADHD resources, and how to help your students with ADHD thrive in the classroom and beyond.

No Lesson Plan? We’ve Got You Covered.

virtual school group work

Here’s a go-to activity for substitute teachers to use when you have no lesson plan. It’s a fun way for kids to work collaboratively to review information – virtually and in person!

Speech Therapy Data Collection Methods

Speech Language Pathologist Data Collection

As SLPs, we are continually looking for the most efficient and effective speech therapy data collection methods. Here are some of our favorites – from tried-and-true traditional methods to innovative digital options for data collection.

Suicide Prevention During Virtual Learning


In the wake of COVID-19 and school closures, school psychologists will face challenges in using telecommunication options to provide mental health services and suicide intervention. However, school psychologists should still implement best practices.

OT IEP Goals – How School OTs Can Write SMART Goals

SMART goals notebook

Writing measurable OT IEP goals is an essential part of our role as school-based occupational therapists. Learn how you can use the SMART template to easily write measurable goals.

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