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The Essential SLP School Kit


Whether you’re a newly minted school SLP or a seasoned pro, here are the essentials to pack in your school bag so you’re all set for success.

K-12 Social Justice Standards

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January is a great time to freshen up your classroom practice by utilizing the Learning for Justice’s Social Justice Standards! Let’s take a deep dive into these new standards and some resources for implementation.

Educator Spotlight – Carolina U.R., School Counselor

Educator Spotlight Yuliana P Substitute Teacher

We’re celebrating Carolina U.R., an outstanding School Counselor who is passionate about students and helping them succeed.

Educator Spotlight – Yuliana P., Substitute Teacher

Educator Spotlight Yuliana P Substitute Teacher

We’re celebrating Yuliana P., an outstanding substitute teacher, who is passionate about helping students succeed.

Calming the Classroom

Hero Calming the classroom

Creating a classroom with a sense of calm is nearly every teacher’s dream. Here are steps you can proactively take to make progress towards a feeling of zen in your classroom.

Meet Social Worker Brandi M.

Meet Social Worker Brandi M

Meet one of our outstanding educational professionals and find out what it’s like to work with Cross Country Education as a school-based social worker.

School Psychologist Resources: Returning to School After a Crisis

School Psychologist Resources Returning to School After a Crisis

Here are top resources for school psychologists on how to help your school community return to school after a crisis.

Avoiding the “December Dilemma”

Avoiding the December Dilemma

December can often times be difficult for educators as they try to acknowledge cultural traditions with the respect they deserve, without implying that certain traditions are more important than others

Educator Spotlight – Daniela T., Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Hero Daniela T Board Certified Behavior Analyst

We’re celebrating Daniela T., an outstanding Board Certified Behavior Analyst who is passionate about helping students succeed.

Incorporate Calming Classroom Techniques

Incorporate Calming Classroom Techniques

Students may struggle transitioning into a learning mindset, which might take a few minutes longer than usual. Work towards resolving this by utilizing calming, mindful strategies which can help students get into a more peaceful state of mind.

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