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Behavior Intervention Implementor Haeil Q.

Hero blog Haeil Q

Meet Haeil Q., a behavior intervention implementor who loves working with children and thrives in changing environments – a perfect match for assignments with Cross Country Education!

Educational Resources for Supporting the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

Educational Resources for Supporting the APPI Community

Here’s how educators and students can listen to, support, and value the many diverse, vibrant communities that comprise the Asian American Pacific Islander population.

10 Ways Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals Can Support Students with Autism

Support Students with Autism

Subs and parapros: want to know how to best support your students with autism? From building rapport to modeling behaviors, these tips will help!

Spotlighting Behavior Intervention Developer Joy J.

Hero blog joy j employee recognition

During Autism Acceptance Month, we’re spotlighting behavior intervention developer Joy J., who knows forging connections with family can be instrumental in supporting student success.

Behavior Intervention Developer Joanne P. – Improving Quality of Life for Students with Autism

Hero blog joanne p

During Autism Acceptance Month, we’re spotlighting this behavior intervention developer, who is devoted to helping her students thrive, no matter the obstacles.

How This School OT Team Inspires Students

OTA Blog

During Occupational Therapy Month, we’re spotlighting this school OT team, who help their students build OT skills by focusing on students’ personal interests and natural strengths.

Autism Resources for School OTs


Because school OTs have specialized knowledge and experience, they make great ambassadors for students with autism. Here are resources OTs can use to raise autism awareness within the school community.

Employee Spotlight – Jeannette P. School Psychologist

Hero blog Jeannete

We’re spotlighting Jeannette P., who chose to be a school psychologist with Cross Country Education because she gets to improve kids’ lives, enjoy a flexible work schedule, and have the support of the CCE team.

It’s Occupational Therapy Month!

3 images spotlight

During Occupational Therapy Month, we’re spotlighting these school OTs and COTAs who are passionate about helping their students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Best Practices for SLPA Supervision

Hero blog SLPA Blog

SLPs and SLPAs can synergize to support student success. These best practices for SLPA supervision can help school SLPs optimize this relationship.

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