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Brain Breaks for Your Classroom

child dancing and playing instrument

Give me a break – a brain break! Kids need a chance to decompress after periods of intense focus. Help your students regroup and destress with these awesome brain breaks.

Employee Spotlight – Paul B., Substitute Teacher

substitute teacher Paul B.

We’re celebrating Paul B., who became a substitute teacher as part of his journey to becoming a special education teacher. Paul loves teaching students with autism and thinking outside of the box to help all kids learn and succeed.

Using Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses to Evaluate for Specific Learning Disabilities

child psychologist

Find out how school psychologists can use the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model to evaluate children for specific learning disabilities (SLDs).

Preschool Special Education Evaluation and Assessment – Guidance for School Psychologists

special education evaluation with preschool child

School psychologists often identify young children who may need special education supports and services. This guidance on collaboration, timing, and methodology of special education assessments can help.

AAC for Apraxia

word and object identification

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can be the perfect bridge between the child with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and their environment. Learn more.

Employee Spotlight – Tonja M., Special Education Case Manager

Tonya M

Special education case manager Tonja M. shares what she loves about her career—a flexible schedule, training and support, growth opportunities, collaboration, meaningful impact, and more!

Pencil Grasp in the Classroom and at Home

child holding pencil

School OTs often get questions from teachers and parents about how students should hold their pencil when writing. Here’s how to promote functional pencil grasp with your kids.

Special Education Teacher Resources

special education teacher

Special education teachers: Here are top podcasts, websites, videos, and books to add to your exceptional education teaching toolkit!

Employee Spotlight – Joyce Y., Teacher

Joyce Y., Teacher

We’re celebrating teacher Joyce Y., who loves teaching because she gets to help students achieve their goals and make a difference in her community!

Employee Spotlight – Paul K., Adapted Physical Education Specialist

Paul K. Physical Education Specialist

Hooray for Paul K! Here’s what Paul loves about his job as an adapted PE teacher – from bringing PE to all kids, regardless of ability, to building relationships with CCE’s staff, teachers, and schools.

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