6 Virtual Interview Tips for Teachers

6 Virtual Interview Tips for Teachers
Cross Country Education
July 17, 2020 08:18 AM (GMT-05:00)

Virtual job interviews for teaching positions are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. If you are pursuing a new teaching job that requires a virtual interview, you’ll find these interviews vary in format. Some online interviews may be audio-only calls, while others will be video conferences. You may have a single interviewer, or there may be multiple people in attendance.

Just as you would thoroughly prepare for an in-person interview, you’ll want to do the same for a virtual one. Set aside some time in advance to get organized and grow confident. Our best virtual interview tips for teachers should help!

Top 6 Virtual Interview Tips for Teachers

  1. Dress for the position.
Although you’ll likely be interviewing from your home, you should not dress like you’ve been hanging around the house. Wear the same attire you would wear to an interview at a school campus. Look at yourself in the mirror and consider whether you look like a professional. The answer should be yes, from head to toe.
  1. Set your environment.
Carefully choose the setting for your interview and make temporary adjustments as needed. For ideal lighting, sit facing a window or lamp so that your features and expressions are clearly visible. Ensure your face is neither obscured by shadows nor blown out by bright lights. Your background should be tidy and free of any visible or audible distractions. Position the camera of your device at eye level with your head and shoulders, filling about two-thirds of the space. Test your appearance and framing before the interview by viewing yourself in the environment through the same lens which will be used during the interview. This way, you can ensure all of the attention you put into dressing professionally translates well through the screen.
  1. Get tech-savvy.
Test out the interview platform well in advance. Make sure your device, microphone and speakers are compatible and are defaulted to the appropriate settings. Ensure your internet connection is as stable as possible. Thoroughly read all instructions provided and be proactive about solving technical difficulties while testing your set up. Most schools want tech-savvy educators, so remember that asking too many troubleshooting questions could raise flags for potential employers. Consider using a headset or headphones if your computer microphone and speakers do not sound crisp and clear.
  1. Use interview etiquette.
Most interview etiquette rules still apply, so start with a warm greeting and a smile. The interviewers can read body language, even through a camera lens. Answer your questions thoughtfully and eloquently to give the best impression of yourself. To make eye contact with the interviewer, look into the camera lens when speaking rather than at the device screen. You would not eat a snack, chew gum, or take a drink during an in-person interview, so avoid these behaviors during a virtual interview as well. Once the interview is complete, thank the interviewer for their time and send a follow-up email within 24 hours.
  1. Know the organization.
Most schools want to know that you have done your research about their organization. The school website will be your best resource, so browse the site before the interview. If you have questions about the school or the position, be sure to ask at the end of the interview.
  1. Be prepared but not rehearsed.
Review commonly asked interview questions and practice what you might say. It is important to be yourself so you don't come across as rehearsed. They want to see the real you!
Here are questions interviewers often ask teachers:
-What is your teaching philosophy?
-What is your classroom management style?
-How do you tailor your instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners?
-What is your communication strategy to keep parents and families involved?
-How have you managed a student with behavioral concerns?
-Why are you interested in the position at this school?

With these tips, some forethought, and careful preparation, you’ll be well on your way to earning an A on your virtual teacher interview. Best of luck from the team at Cross Country Education!

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