Educator Spotlight – Designated Instructional Services (DIS) Counselor Ashley N.

Hero Ashley Najar
Cross Country Education
June 21, 2022 09:33 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Meet Our Special Educator of the Month, Ashley N., DIS Counselor

At Cross Country Education, we’re honored to work with the best of the best from across the nation! We take great pride in their shared passion for helping students succeed, and we love passing along their insight to inspire others interested in this rewarding field. This month, we’re spotlighting an amazing designated instructional services (DIS) counselor, Ashley N.

Here’s why Ashley decided to become a DIS counselor, what she enjoys most about working with the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice she has for DIS counselors just embarking on their careers.

Why did become a DIS counselor?

I became a DIS counselor because I knew I wanted to work with children and be a part of their upbringing in some way. When I interned for my former high school counselor, I loved it! It is a field that inspires and gives me a sense of purpose. There is not a greater accomplishment than seeing your students achieve their goals and feel that they have a safe space to share whatever is on their minds. I just want to help future generations.

What do you like about Cross Country Education (CCE)?

I like Cross Country Education because they are on top of their work, meaning that they hire employees and find them careers as soon as possible. My recruiter, Amber Sanchez, has helped me tremendously with paperwork to any questions that I have. She is always available and answers every question with accuracy. Also, I like how the pay frequency is because it is convenient and stable.

What have you liked about working at the schools with CCE?

I have liked working at the schools with CCE because I go through the agency and do not have to necessarily deal with the school human resources. It is very convenient to get ahold of someone through CCE if needed, and they handle any issue or concern for me with each school setting. They negotiate and provide the best outcomes with the schools. It is one less stress I do not have to deal with, which makes it a relief.

What advice would you give someone starting as a DIS counselor?

The advice I would give someone starting in my field/profession would be to be patient and ask a lot of questions because everyone at the school settings and CCE are willing to help. Yes, you do get thrown into the work pretty fast, but do not hesitate to reach out to understand what is required to you. It can be challenging, and you may feel like you are lost at times, but everyone is there to help. It is definitely a group effort to understand the websites used and how to navigate accordingly.

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