Educational Resources for Supporting the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

Educational Resources for Supporting the APPI Community
Cross Country Education
April 20, 2021 05:56 AM (GMT-04:00)

Since the pandemic began over a year ago, violence in the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has been on the rise. The tragic events across the country remind us that hateful words and rhetoric can result in trauma and loss of life.

As educators, we must be advocates for the equitable treatment of students in the AAPI community. Condemning these acts of violence is not enough. We must all do our part to listen to, support, and truly value the many diverse, vibrant communities that comprise the AAPI population.

In an effort to lift up the voices of AAPI students and families as they combat not only this wave of violence, but the unique educational challenges they face as more schools reopen, we’d like to share the following resources:

  • Let’s Talk Webinar Series – Supporting Asian and Asian American Students Through COVID-19 — Organized by a collaboration between Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Graduate School of Education, this 8-part series offers educators and parents a wide variety of resources on supporting students during this time.

  • Coronavirus and Infectious Racism – In this virtual lesson by the Anti-Defamation League for middle and high schoolers, students use the resources and activities to expand their understanding of how the Coronavirus pandemic is increasing racism against people who are of Chinese or Asian descent, and what they can do about it.

  • Coronavirus: Countering Biased Responses – This site provides educators with a clear plan for addressing bias or uniformed student responses. It also provides resources to support students who are being targeted, while addressing a context of fear and possible overreaction.

  • The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit – This toolkit reflects the analysis of the interconnectedness of issues and constituencies within the structures of white supremacy. In addition to workshop modules, they offer some experiences and lessons learned in working to dismantle structural racism.

  • Stop AAPI Hate – This site allows the public to report acts of hate. It also provides safety tips and ways to get involved in the movement against hate to advance racial equity and intersectional justice.

Thank you for reading and sharing this compilation of resources designed to support Asian American Pacific Islander students and citizens. We hope you find it a helpful addition to your educational toolkit. See our other resources for educators at Cross Country Education.

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