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Educator Spotlight – Stefanie M., Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Stefanie M

We’re celebrating Stefanie M., an awesome speech-language pathology assistant who is passionate about helping students succeed.

Educator Spotlight – Natalie H


Want to know what it’s like to be a school SLP with Cross Country Education? Here’s what one of our outstanding SLPs has to say…

Employee Spotlight – Substitute Teacher Jacqueline M


Want to know what it’s like to be a substitute teacher with Cross Country Education? Here’s what one of our awesome subs has to say…

Educator Spotlight – DHH, Ezri S


Meet Ezri, a DHH who loves working with students to help them reach their greatest potential.

Employee Spotlight – Case Manager and Academic Assessor Jennifer A.

Hero blog Jennifer A

Meet Jennifer, a case manager and academic assessor who loves supporting and advocating for students with different needs.

Employee Spotlight – Substitute Teacher Jack S.


Meet Jack, a former teacher who decided to become a sub. Learn why he decided to become a substitute teacher, what he loves about the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice he has for new subs!

Employee Spotlight – Adapted Physical Education Teacher Darlene S

Darlene S Blog Image

Meet Darlene S., an Adapted P.E. teacher who loves helping students enhance their skills and confidence to be more successful in school and in everyday physical activities.

Employee Spotlight – Speech-Language Pathologist Rachel B.

Hero blog Rachel b

Meet Rachel B. a school SLP who enjoys helping children expand their communication abilities through spoken words, songs, movement, body language, and more!

Employee Spotlight – Occupational Therapist Nisha S.

Hero blog Occupational Therapist Nisha S

Meet Nisha S., an OT who says working with Cross Country Education staff and schools feels like working with friends she has known for many years.

Employee Spotlight – Substitute Teacher Dustin S.

Hero blog Substitute Teacher Dustin S

For Dustin S., substitute teaching is a great way to experience what it’s like to be an educator. Learn why Dustin became a sub and what advice he has for new substitute teachers.

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I am so thrilled with my assignment! I love coming to work every day! Thank you! - Jacqueline T