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OT to the Rescue! Educational Play for Fine Motor Skill Development


Check out these OT resources with fun and exciting occupational therapy activities to help students strengthen their fine motor skills!

Giving Students Frequent Breaks Can Support Their Success

Hero blog Giving Students Frequent Breaks

Giving students breaks can help them thrive in the classroom. Discover how brain breaks, desk-ercise, stretching, dancing and more can help students (and teachers!) take a much-needed breather and become better learners!

Black History Month

Hero blog black history month

Keep your students engaged with lessons honoring black history to build awareness as we celebrate Black History month this coming February.

Preschool Assessments


As a school psychologist, you know that proper diagnosis of students who need special education support is vital. Here we discuss some important assessments to consider.

Holiday-Inspired Lesson Plans

Hero blog Holiday Inspired Lesson Plans

Keep your students engaged with lessons designed around the holidays. Here are holiday lessons in social studies, math, reading, and science to get you started.

Social and Racial Injustices: Podcasts to Keep You Informed


These podcasts about diversity, identity, and race can help us learn about institutionalized racism and how it affects the lives of others, especially the students we serve.

4 Things Students Need Before They Are Available for Learning

Four Things Students Need Before They Are Available for Learning

Before students can be available for learning, their basic human needs must be met. Here’s how teachers can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help ensure students are best prepared for learning.

Supporting Marginalized Student Groups as Schools Reopen


As schools reopen, what can educators do to support marginalized students? These resources can help, with guidance for promoting family and community engagement, accelerating learning, building summer school programs, and more!

Cross Country Education Launches New Facebook Group

FB Group Creation

We are excited to launch Cross Country Education Connect, our new Facebook Group. Open to all educational professionals; please join us for best practices and information on all things related to education!

Community-Building Eases Transition Back Into the Classroom

Teachers Day Blog

Teachers: As you return to the classroom, you may be tempted to hit the ground running with content. The truth is, students need help building social skills and establishing positive relationships.

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