Educator Spotlight – Blaine F., Behavior Aide/Crisis Prevention Interventionist

Educator Spotlight Blaine F Behavior Aide
Cross Country Education
November 09, 2022 04:25 AM (GMT-05:00)
Educator Recognition

Meet Our Educator of the Month, Blaine F.

At Cross Country Education, we’re honored to work with the best of the best from across the nation who are dedicated to improving kids' lives every day! We take great pride in their shared passion for helping students succeed, and we love passing along their insight to inspire others interested in this rewarding field. This month, we’re spotlighting an amazing Behavior Aide/Crisis Prevention Interventionist, Blaine F.

Here’s why Blaine decided to become a Behavior Aide, what he enjoys most about working with the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice he has for those just embarking on their careers.

Why did you become a Behavior Aide/Crisis Prevention Interventionist?

I became a Behavior Aide to help at-risk students. I'm very much interested in the proper development of students who have special needs, learning disabilities, or behavioral problems that can be modified, so that they succeed in life.

What do you like about Cross Country Education?

I like the flexibility and the supportive staff, who provide direct support when needed. I appreciate working with CCE because they provide resources to make an impact for students, schools, and staff.

What have you liked about your experience working at schools with Cross Country Education?

I like that, with each assignment, I have had the opportunity to learn from the different experiences. Each assignment is different, and I enjoy making a difference in a child's educational and personal development.

What kind of advice would you give to those starting out in your field?

PATIENCE!!! Working with students that might have been left behind is challenging but rewarding.

Behavior Aide Jobs

If, like Blaine, you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of students and embark on a meaningful adventure as a Behavior Aide, explore our jobs today!

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