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December 13, 2022 03:22 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Meet Our Special Educator of the Month, Counselor Carolina U.R.

At Cross Country Education, we’re honored to work with the best of the best from across the nation! We take great pride in their shared passion for helping students succeed, and we love passing along their insight to inspire others interested in this rewarding field. This month, we’re spotlighting an amazing School Counselor, Carolina U.R.

Here’s why Carolina decided to become a counselor, what she enjoys most about working with the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice she has for counselors just embarking on their careers.

Why did you become a counselor?

I grew up in east Los Angeles and attended a high school that was very over-crowded, so I only got to see my counselor twice in four years and that was during classroom presentations. I never got the chance to talk to my counselor individually. On top of this, I sadly witnessed how a lot of my friends dropped out of high school as time went by. As I moved on to college, I always thought that if my friends had had the adequate support and guidance, there would have been higher chances of them staying in school and graduating. These experiences always haunted my heart but at the same time inspired me to become a counselor. I always hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to go back to my community and work as a counselor to motivate, guide, and support students to stay in school and attend higher education.

What do you like about Cross Country Education?

Cross Country Education has given me the amazing opportunity to serve students (K-12) in the community where I grew up, which is what I always wanted. I love being a counselor and I love my job! I am blessed and grateful for this experience.

What have you liked about your experience working at CCE schools?

What I like about my experience working at CCE schools is that because of my connection to the communities I serve, I can connect with students easier. I have also enjoyed building positive relations with the office staff at the schools I serve. The office personnel, at all the schools I have been to, are very friendly and helpful.

What kind of advice would you give to someone starting out in your field?

The advice I would give to someone starting out as a counselor at CCE is to build positive relations with students and school staff because this makes a difference for the better.

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