Hey, Future Teacher, This Program Was Made Just for YOU!

Hey Future Teacher This Program Was Made Just for YOU
Cross Country Education
November 07, 2022 02:21 AM (GMT-04:00)
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The Cross Country Education Future Teacher Program

Did you know?

While pursuing your degree and certification as a teacher, you can:

  • Enjoy an exciting position in a school environment
  • Learn the ropes from seasoned teachers
  • Become a valuable part of a school community
  • Test out a school to see whether it’s a permanent fit
  • Work directly with students, making a profound difference in their lives.

It’s all possible with our Future Teacher Program!

The Need for a Future Teacher Program

At Cross Country Education, we work with countless schools and educators daily. We saw a need for our partner schools to have a continual pipeline of highly qualified, passionate teachers. We also realized a need among future teachers (just like you): many individuals pursuing their education degrees are eager to work with students now!

That’s why we designed our Future Teacher Program: to get future teachers experience in education jobs they already qualify for and to help schools get to know educators they can hire permanently in the near future.

How the Future Teacher Program Works

The path to becoming a full-time teacher is complex. As you’ve probably discovered, you’ll need to earn your degree, take certification exams, apply for your credentials, interview for positions, find your ideal school and more.

Then, there’s the challenge of figuring out where you’ll work and what you’ll do while preparing to be a teacher. Imagine if rather than being a server, receptionist, cashier, administrative assistant or another unrelated job, you could work in the field of education!

As part of our Future Teacher Program, we’ll help you find an amazing assignment as a substitute teacher, teaching assistant, paraprofessional, or other support position while you’re on the path to full-time teacher certification.

We’ll also provide benefits like competitive pay, paid training, professional development opportunities and connections with teacher prep programs. You’ll even have a dedicated educator coach and a team of experts to support you when you need it. Then, when you’re certified, we’ll be here to help you find your ideal full-time teaching position!

Benefits of the Future Teacher Program

When you become a Future Teacher with Cross Country Education, you’ll have:

  • Great pay, perks and benefits. Earn competitive pay with weekly direct deposit. If your position is 30+ hours per week, you’ll even qualify for comprehensive benefits.
  • Plenty of opportunities. Immediate openings for substitute teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, special education aides and behavior interventionists. Choose from a range of outstanding options based on your qualifications.
  • Exciting locations nationwide. Get access to different school environments, from public to charter to private schools. Choose from urban, suburban, and rural areas across the nation.
  • A direct path to teaching. Being on our team means you get training and individualized career pathway options custom-fit to propel you forward. We understand how the entire teacher preparation process works, and we will help you achieve your dreams.
  • Paid training. During the school year, you’ll have various paid training opportunities to strengthen your skills and get ahead. You’ll also have access to extensive resources and professional development to help you improve your skillset.
  • Coaching and support. As part of CCE’s Future Teacher program, you can receive mentorship from teachers. Our devoted team of educators will be there to support you when you need it.
  • Participation in a growing pipeline of talent. We aim to hire thousands of teachers over the next several years. Working with us means you can enjoy opportunities for career advancement and get lined up for a permanent position once you’re certified!
  • Experience and expertise. We’re an educator-lead, award-winning agency, and we know what it means to make a difference. We are passionate about education and student-driven. That’s why we invest in the development of professionals in our field – just like you!

How Do You Know Whether the Future Teacher Program is Right for You?

First, answer a few questions:

  1. Are your career goals focused on K-12 teaching?
  2. Are you eager to improve the lives of students?
  3. Are you willing to participate in coaching and learning opportunities?

If your answers are yes, join us as a Future Teacher!

Apply now to begin your Cross Country Education journey, and a member of our Talent Team will reach out to you shortly!

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