Five Initial Planning Components for Reopening Your School Post Covid-19

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Cross Country Education
May 21, 2020 08:12 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Distance learning programs including related services for students with disabilities have launched and are in motion. As they are being refined to meet the needs of students and school communities, many educational leaders are seeking answers about how to prepare for the future. Here are five strategic initial planning components that can help reopening your school post COVID-19 succeed:

  1. Determine the diagnostic tools that will be administered upon the reopening of your school to assess academic levels and any regression.

  2. Identify how instructional time will be made up to address regression.

    1. 1-1 and Small Group Instruction as phase 1 of reopening campuses

    2. Begin 20-21 school year early

    3. Extend the school day during the school year

    4. Extend the school year for 20-21

    5. Offering tutoring after school

  3. Identify the ongoing facility cleaning/sanitizing plan.

  4. Brainstorm ideas for school program and schedule upon reopening considering social distancing measures will still be recommended.

    1. Hybrid school and distance learning model

    2. Class sizes and staffing needed

    3. Looping elementary school teachers with the same students from 19-20

    4. Attendance policies

    5. Online curriculum with tracking capabilities for assignment completion and engagement

    6. Staggered lunch/recess

  5. Consider expansion of mental health support personnel to address staff/student needs.

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