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March 16, 2021 04:05 AM (GMT-04:00)
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School Speech Language Pathologist Karie F.

At Cross Country Education, we have the best of the best from across the nation helping kids thrive every day. This time, we’re celebrating one of our school SLPs, Karie F., who enjoys traveling, learning, and helping others. We asked Karie to share about what led her to become a school SLP, why she chooses to work with Cross Country Education, and what advice she has for SLPs just embarking on their careers. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you become an SLP?

My mom was the first and only SLP I knew growing up. She was the one who first drew me to the profession by sharing stories of helping children and adults throughout her career. My two older sisters followed in her footsteps, and then myself shortly after. I didn’t think twice and dove head-first into the profession. The driving force of helping others and doing good in this world is why I became a SLP (being able to talk shop with my mom and sisters whenever we’re together is just an added bonus).

What do you like about working as a school SLP with Cross Country Education?

My favorite thing about working with Cross Country Education is my recruiter, Juan. He honestly has been in my corner whenever I’ve needed him, and he’s gone to bat for me countless times. He takes the stress out of finding and starting a new job. I can trust him, as I know he has my best interests in mind. Working with Cross Country Education makes combining my two passions (my profession and desire to travel/explore new places) simple and effortless.

What advice would you give to those starting out as school speech therapists?

Start following SLP accounts and reaching out to SLP communities to grow and learn from others as much as possible. It’s better to be humble and take the time to learn than pretending like you know everything right away.

What do you find the most fulfilling about being an SLP?

As a “traveling speech-language pathologist” I really do try to live up to that title and revel in all the perks that come with the job. I received my master’s degree from University of Queensland in Australia and have been traveling ever since. I’ve worked in almost every setting except for high school, and I have cherished all of my experiences along the way. Working with different groups and team members throughout the years has definitely helped me value interpersonal skills, while keeping me on my toes and making sure things are new and exciting in my profession.

Take the Leap!

If you’ve dreamed about embarking on an exciting adventure as a travel SLP, we hope you found Karie’s words inspiring. Maybe they’ve emboldened you to take the leap! Many thanks to Karie for her dedication to her students and to Cross Country Education – and for giving other educational professionals a glimpse of what it’s like to be a school SLP with CCE!

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