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December 16, 2021 03:31 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Meet Tyler P., Special Education Aide

At Cross Country Education, we’re honored to work with the best of the best from across the nation who are dedicated to improving kids' lives every day! We take great pride in their shared passion for helping students succeed, and we love passing along their insight to inspire others interested in this rewarding field. This time, we’re spotlighting special education aide, Tyler P.

Here’s why Tyler decided to become a special education aide, what she enjoys most about working with the Cross Country Education team and schools, and what advice she has for special education aides just embarking on their careers.

Why did you become a special education aide?

I am a sped aide right now because it is a stepping stone into my career path. I admire the passion, drive and resilience I see in students with disabilities, who strive towards their academics and social wellbeing. So, to be able to support children to improve their academics and social skills, without taking away from their personality or characteristics, will always be rewarding and fulfilling to me. I am passionate about helping others, especially improving their well-being, so becoming an aide has been natural for me.

What do you like about Cross Country Education?

I like the fast and consistent feedback CCE provides. Any questions or concerns I have, CCE gets back to me via email, text, or phone call within the hour.

What have you liked about your experience working as a special education aide at schools with Cross Country Education?

I appreciate CCE for the diverse locations and worksites that are offered. I’m able to get hands-on experience working with students from all walks of life, where we can all learn from each other.

What kind of advice would you give to those starting out as special education aides?

The advice I would give to someone starting out in this field is to be patient with your students and when in doubt, have fun.

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If, like Tyler, you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of students and embark on a meaningful adventure as a special education aide, explore our career opportunities today!

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