Do you have Special Education assessments that have not been completed due to the school closures?

Cross Country Education
Cross Country Education
June 16, 2020 10:24 AM (GMT-04:00)
Are you looking for solutions that ensure validity and reliability of your assessments that require standardized measures  while meeting health and safety requirements?
Options to consider :
  1. If you are reopening your campus at any capacity:
    1. Schools can assign a proctor who can supervise and monitor students in person while the assessor virtually conducts standardized assessments.
    2. Assessors can come on campus to work with students in a 1-1 setting while utilizing appropriate PPE including plexiglass dividers.
      1. Assessors and students can still utilize their own computers to limit close contact.
      2. Assessors can also consider using an LCD projector to project assessments with online versions and note student responses.
      3. Assessments without online versions, doc cam can be used with student marking on their own copy of the protocol.
School Psychologist Assessment Guidance:
  1. National Association of School Psychologists: Virtual Service Delivery in Response to COVID-19 Disruptions
  2. California Association of School Psychologist Position Paper: Mandated Special Education Assessments During the COVID-19 Shut Down :
Cross Country Education, an educator-led organization is here to deliver solutions that are customized for your organization! We believe in making an impact on the educational experience of children.
To learn more about how Cross Country Education can support you in completing necessary assessments, contact us at (800) 405-7312 or click here to provide your information and a member of our partnership team will be in touch.

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