Spotlighting Adapted PE Specialist Mario C. During National Physical Education and Sport Week

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May 04, 2021 23:26 PM (GMT-04:00)
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It’s National Physical Education and Sport Week, and we’re proud to feature Mario C., an inspiring adapted PE specialist!

As an adapted PE teacher, Mario develops and delivers individualized physical education instruction and services for his students, many of whom have exceptional physical needs due to motor developmental delays or other impairments. He helps his students strengthen physical and emotional skills and overcome stress and challenges with fun activities – like swimming! This has a profound impact on their lives in school and beyond. Here’s a snippet Mario shared about a recent success:

“I started going to one of my school sites to support the students in the pool, specifically those who have had a rough time in the virtual setting. With the support of the school staff, I have been able to work with the students at all levels (teaching the breaststroke, retrieving items from the floor in the deep and shallow end, and learning how to get their heads under water).

I have also had the opportunity to teach a PE class with all my students at this same school. I have been able to develop unit plans/lesson plans throughout the year and direct our class to our final project. The students will develop their own exercise routine and use all the information and material we have gained throughout the year and then share it with the whole class.”

As Mario’s story shows, the role of adapted PE specialist is both challenging and rewarding! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share successes from Mario and other adapted PE teachers we have the pleasure of working with, and we celebrate them during National Physical Education and Sport Week.

About National Physical Education and Sport Week

National PE & Sport Week, also called May Week, is a time to celebrate physical education, health education, and all of the teachers who work so hard to keep students physically and mentally healthy. The week kicks off National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. If you’d like to learn how to celebrate these events at your school, visit

Adapted PE Teacher Opportunities

If you’re an adapted PE specialist who is interested in embarking on an exciting adventure, see what we have to offer by visiting our adapted PE teacher jobs at Cross Country Education.

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