What to Do About the National Teacher Shortage

national teacher shortage
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August 19, 2022 06:26 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Schools are (or will be shortly) back in session across the country, but many districts are facing severe staffing shortages that range from bus drivers to those that play the most integral role – teachers. States from Illinois to California to Texas are experiencing significant shortages most likely attributed to low pay and burnout conditions that have been exasperated by the pandemic. Let’s look at the numbers to show how this situation has risen to the level of crisis:

  • Nationwide, there are at least 280,000 fewer public school teachers than before the pandemic.
  • Florida has 8,000 openings to fill. Illinois has 88% of its school districts battling a shortage. Arizona will start the 2022 school year with 2,200 teacher vacancies.

Source: CBS News

The problem has spurred some creative solutions for Cross Country Education (CCE). CCE is led by an experienced team of educators with a passion for outcomes that benefit the school system, the student and the teacher.

How Cross Country Can Help Schools Weather the Storm:

Cross Country Education is poised and ready to do the heavy lifting for you. We specialize in finding quality teacher and education professional hires for your school. Our process makes recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding and training much more efficient. It’s like adding a team of expert partners to your staff to help you solve one of your biggest challenges. Some of our specific solutions include:

  • Future Teacher Program – As many school districts see some of their best teachers retire, it’s time to look toward the future for bright talent. Cross Country Education helps to identify the next generation of future teachers as they embark on the initial stages of their career path. Our outreach program serves to nurture and support them throughout their journey towards becoming a teacher. These aspiring teachers can begin at your school as a substitute or special education aide while they finish their teaching credentials, offering you a smooth transition. This new batch of teachers bring a fresh approach and newfound love for teaching to your school and its students. Your partners at Cross Country handle the recruiting, onboarding and training to get them up to speed as soon as possible.
  • Travel Teachers – With a teacher shortage on our doorstep, it’s not surprising that schools and school districts are forced to look beyond their own communities for talented teachers to fill the gaps. However, recruiting and hiring out-of-state candidates can be challenging if you don’t have the time and resources. Cross Country Education has a nationwide reach that gives us access to professionals all over the country. We use the power of our network to attract professional teachers who might not otherwise know about your school and all your community has to offer. Our travel teacher program can place teachers at your school for periods anywhere from eight to 40 weeks.
  • Selected Teacher Hiring Platform – Cross Country also offers, Selected, the online teacher hiring platform that offers schools access to the profiles of over 40,000 teachers nationwide. For a low, fixed monthly or annual subscription, your school can receive access to this database of available teachers looking for permanent roles. As part of your subscription, you receive unlimited permanent hires, messaging and job postings.

The teacher shortage has been referred to as the “great reshuffle” and there is no doubt it has put pressure on the supply of teachers in America’s school systems. Due to burnout and stressors often related to the pandemic, many teachers have taken extended leave, resigned or are considering a career change.

Cross Country Education is your trusted partner to help you overcome the teacher shortage challenges that your school is facing. Our suite of Teacher Shortage Solutions can help you fill positions with the best teachers for the job – even if they are new to the profession or don’t live nearby. We have a pipeline of teachers as well as many other education-oriented professionals ready to join your team including:

  • General education teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • Long-term substitute teachers
  • Behavior aides
  • Special education aides
  • Teaching assistants
  • Office support
  • Health aides and more

Solve your teacher staffing problems today. Get in touch with Cross Country Education.

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