Why Seasoned SLPs Choose to Work with Agencies

Why Seasoned SLPs Choose to Work with Agencies
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July 22, 2022 05:02 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Agencies Give School SLPs Flexibility, Freedom, Perks and Much More

Ask around. You’ll likely find that SLPs who work with agencies thoroughly enjoy it!

If you’re on the fence about whether to take your next SLP job directly with a district or through an agency, consider why so many experienced SLPs choose agencies:

  • 1. Working with an agency makes the job search a breeze. Do you enjoy spending endless hours online hunting for the right position in the right location? Most people don’t! SLPs in the know rely on their agencies’ recruiters to reach out to them when excellent opportunities arise. Skilled recruiters are great matchmakers. They even get positions lined up for school SLPs far before current assignments end.
  • 2. Agencies handle all the hiring details. Savvy SLPs turn to agencies because they know their teams will set up interviews, handle vetting and administrative tasks, arrange onboarding, help with first-day details, and more. Outstanding agencies have teams of professionals dedicated to each school SLP’s success.
  • 3. SLPs enjoy scheduling flexibility. SLPs who work directly for school districts don’t often have many scheduling options. They typically work the same hours and days as teachers. On the other hand, SLPs who work for agencies have more choices. They can select from several different jobs that fit their lifestyles. For example, they can take temporary or permanent positions and short- or long-term assignments. Plus, their hours don’t always have to align with school teacher hours. They may get to come in later or leave earlier.
  • 4. SLPs who work with agencies can choose their caseload size. Whether you prefer a lighter or heavier caseload, you won’t have a choice if you’re employed with a school district. But SLPs who work with agencies can select from various jobs with different caseloads. So, whether you feel like your days fly by when you see more students, or you’d like more time with fewer students, you can pick the right position for you!
  • 5. Agency SLPs have fewer school staff duties. District employees often have to cover lunch duty, monitor the bus or carpool line, attend all staff meetings, complete required training and stay for after-school events. SLPs who work through agencies may need to participate in some meetings and training, but they are free from most staff obligations. That frees up time to catch up on SLP-related tasks!
  • 6. Agency SLPs can easily switch schools or districts. SLPs who work for districts can end up stuck schools they don’t like. If they want to relocate, applying for a job in a new district can be a major hassle – think applying, interviewing, credentialing, onboarding…what a pain! However, SLPs who work with agencies can easily switch schools or districts. Changing schools is a great way to keep your career exciting and interesting!
  • 7. Working with an agency opens opportunities for travel. Although many agencies are locally based, some have fantastic opportunities nationwide. If you’ve got wanderlust and want to pair work and travel, working with an agency may be for you! Some SLPs make a career out of traveling, while others travel for a few years to see where they want to settle down. Imagine learning from colleagues across the country, seeing the sights across state lines, and receiving stipends for travel and lodging!
  • 8. SLPs who work with agencies have a team of professionals on their side! If you choose to work with an agency like Cross Country Education (we’ll admit we’re biased!), you’ll have access to a team that includes recruiters, educators, SLPs, OTs and other special education professionals. Among those individuals, you’ll find you have advocates, coaches, advisors, moral support and more!

To see what we offer as an agency and to meet our team, visit crosscountryeducation.com.

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