Explore our Opportunities

Explore our Opportunities

The SOS team offers the opportunity to support schools that outsource their Special Education services and provider management to Cross Country Education. That means, we will facilitate interviews and extend an offer. As an SOS provider, you will be supported by a department lead. Additionally, we will provide all of the training, coaching, supplies, and materials needed to deliver quality services to students.

Some of our SOS providers support multiple schools and spend 10-20% of their time working from home when they are not at a school site. SOS opportunities typically last throughout the school year and many of the positions offer full-year salaries.

We help staff Special Education providers at schools across the country through a traditional staffing model, which places the responsibility on schools to interview and choose the candidates they want to move forward. These positions vary in length and can last several months to an entire school year.

Applicants will work with a recruiter to identify ideal opportunities and help navigate the process.

As a Cross Country Education virtual provider, you will have the chance to serve students who may otherwise not have access to services while balancing your work and your life for a more flexible lifestyle. Positions start as part-time hourly; there could be potential for full-time positions. Hours are not guaranteed, you are applying to be part of a virtual pool, paid for orientation and initial training.


  • Cut your commute + work from home.
  • Work for a purpose- Cross Country Education is Educator Led, Student Driven and Solutions Oriented.
  • Schedule with flexibility around your needs.
  • Work creatively and innovatively.
  • Experience culturally diverse communities
  • You will be supported by department leads that will answer clinical questions and provide you with access to CCE resources and materials.
  • Operations team support for all school, logistical and tech support.
  • Flex your professional muscles- CCE staff has a growth mindset and is always looking for ways to improve and deliver the highest quality therapy services to students.

Whether you are looking for day-to-day assignments or something more long term, we can help you find your perfect Pre-K-12 or Early Education through 12th grade assignment(s). By joining Cross Country Education, you will receive support from both our operations team and Educator Support Team. You will also have access to an online platform to book your own day-to-day assignments or the Educator Career Placement Pool for permanent positions.

We offer a wide-assortment of opportunities for paraprofessionals and aides in TK-12th grade classrooms, including day-to-day and long-term assignments. By working with us, you will be supported by both our operations team and Educator Support Team. Additionally, as an aide, you will have access to our online platform to book day-to-day assignments and manage your schedule.

As a leading national provider of healthcare staffing, we offer a wealth of opportunities for healthcare professionals who are interested in working within a school setting.