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Why would a school system choose to partner with Cross Country Education?
The hiring managers at Cross Country Education are experts at recruiting and sourcing staff who may or may not be located in your immediate area. Our bandwidth and expertise to find the best candidate (or candidates) for our client needs affords school systems the flexibility to address skills shortages and fluctuating demand. We also handle unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, and tax issues for our temporary and contract workers.

What types of positions can Cross Country Education fill?
The types of positions we have the ability to fill are exceedingly wide, and range from per diem and daily staffing, longer-term contracts, temporary-to-permanent, and direct-hire placements. We have the ability to provide staffing in all positions encompassed within the realm of special education.

What responsibility does Cross Country Education have for the school-based therapists and special educators placed on-site?
The day-to-day oversight of the employee varies for each specific client, but is generally provided by the client’s on-site supervisor. In certain cases, Cross Country Education can provide an on-site supervisor as needed. Other responsibilities are managed by Cross Country Education, include, but are not limited to, payroll, insurance, and other benefits, and workers’ compensation—alleviating human resource-related paperwork challenges, allowing the school administrators to focus on their core business.

Is it possible for me to hire one of the temporary employees provided?
Yes, we understand that the continuity of services for your students is of utmost importance. Therefore, Cross Country Education allows clients to hire a temporary or contract employee as a permanent member of their teams. A one-time placement fee is negotiated to complete the hiring process.

Attendance Matters

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