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What is the Future Teacher Program?

Could you use a pipeline of highly skilled educators? Our Future Teacher Program was made for you.

Cross Country Education’s Future Teacher Program tackles the teacher shortage by sourcing and screening educators to ensure you have a continual supply of highly qualified talent.

The teacher shortage continues to grow.

We know it can be challenging for busy school administrators to find the time to locate, interview and onboard teachers and educational support professionals. The “great reshuffle” has put pressure on the supply of educators, with many taking extended leave, resigning or considering a permanent career change. This exodus of teachers (studies show more than 600k have left the profession in the last two years) has also created a shortage of substitute teachers. The future teacher program addresses not only the long-term teacher shortage but also the immediate substitute teacher/paraprofessional shortage many schools are facing.

That’s why we created the Future Teacher Program.

We know you need positions filled now. We also know there are caring and qualified future educators out there eager to make a difference. So, we’ve fortified our pipeline of professionals who are just beginning or currently pursuing their teaching certification, and we’re prepping these Future Teachers to work for you.

Our Future Teachers are passionate about their careers and ready to fill your workforce needs as in-house substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, special education aides and more. As an educator-led agency with more than 75 years of combined education experience, we believe in investing in the development of Future Teachers. So, we provide them with paid training, mentorship, coaching and support to help them pursue their goals of becoming certified, full-time teachers.

Our Teacher Program rounds out our entire suite of solutions for schools. We also deliver top talent in an array of roles, including special education service providers, healthcare professionals, virtual special education services and more.

Learn more about how our Future Teacher Program will benefit your district or school, browse our Future Teacher Program resources, and connect with a member of our team to get started today.


How will our Future Teacher Program benefit your school?

With Future Teachers from Cross Country Education, you’ll have access to:

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