April 2023


Educator Spotlight – Estefania C., Teacher of the Deaf

 Estefania C Teacher of the Deaf

We’re celebrating Estefania C., an outstanding Teacher of the Deaf, who is passionate about helping her students thrive.

How to Engage Students with Behavior Issues

How to Engage Students with Behavior Issues

Overwhelmed by challenging behaviors in your classroom? Getting students engaged can help quell behavior issues. Here’s how.

Praise Publicly and Remind Privately: Two Keys to Classroom Management

Two Keys to Classroom Management

Classroom management focuses on the group as a whole but at the heart of a classroom community is a series of individual relationships and rapports educators have with their students. Below are some key strategies for classroom management.

Educator Spotlight – Celeste C., Substitute Teacher

Celeste C

We’re celebrating Celeste C., an outstanding substitute teacher, who is passionate about helping students succeed.

School OT Resources: Ergonomics for Students


From hauling heavy backpacks to curling over keyboards, students face ergonomic hazards every day. Here’s how to promote physical functioning and ergonomics at your school.

Meet Nikole B., 5th Grade Teacher


This 5th Grade teacher shares what it's like to work with the Cross Country Education team and schools and gives excellent advice for those interested in this rewarding career.

Avoiding Ableism & Linguistic Microagressions


April is Autism Awareness month. Let’s examine some ways you can be more inclusive in the language and ways you interact with others.