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What is the Travel Teacher Program?

Are you struggling to find qualified teachers? Our Travel Teacher Program was designed for you.

Cross Country Education’s Travel Teacher Program addresses the teacher shortage by offering travel assignments to educators – giving them exciting opportunities to work in new locations and rekindle their passion for teaching!

The teacher shortage continues to grow.

The “great reshuffle” has put pressure on the supply of educators, with many taking extended leave, resigning or considering a permanent career change. In fact, a recent February 2022 study by NEA showed that 55% of educators are considering leaving the profession earlier than they had planned. And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there U.S. had a net loss of 600k teachers between January 2020 and February 2022. Leaders are well aware that the effects of teacher shortages are compounded by fallout from school closures and learning losses for all students, especially those in marginalized communities. Now, more than ever, students across our nation need passionate, dedicated teachers. Although some teachers have lost their drive to teach, others just want a fresh start to reinvigorate their careers.

That’s why we started the Travel Teacher Program.

We know you have open positions you need filled now. We also know it can be challenging for busy administrators to find the time to locate, interview and onboard teachers. Plus, the best teachers aren’t always nearby; they’re often scattered across the nation.

So, we’ve built a nationwide talent pool of teachers ready to mobilize to locations across the U.S. We’ve got the flexibility to meet your school’s needs with assignments ranging from 8-40 weeks. We can fill your long-term vacancies with experienced teachers rather than long-term substitutes. Our Travel Teachers are a great way to supplement your depleted substitute teacher pools. Further, all of our Travel Teachers receive training, mentorship, coaching and support to help them be the best possible addition to your school community.

Our Travel Teacher Program complements our entire suite of solutions for schools. We can ensure you have access to top talent, including special education service providers, healthcare professionals, virtual special education services and more.


How will our Travel Teacher Program benefit your school?

With Travel Teachers from Cross Country Education, you’ll have access to:

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