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Cross Country Education Virtual Services

With Virtual Services from Cross Country Education, your students will have access to essential therapy and educational support services. Our online counseling, therapy, and special education services give your students real-time access with our dedicated and qualified providers, ensuring students receive vital services that help them work toward their IEP and 504 goals.

An Array of Virtual Services

We offer online student support services in:

Features of Virtual Services

Secure. All of our virtual services are delivered through a HIPAA/FERPA-compliant Zoom video conferencing account to ensure security and privacy.

Easy to Use. Your students and their guardians will enjoy user-friendly, browser-based access, with no cumbersome add-ons or apps to download.

Effective. During online sessions, providers and students can share screens and navigation, make on-screen annotations, and use a collaborative chat feature for questions and comments. This enables providers to use a variety of tools and techniques, just as they would utilize in face-to-face sessions with students.

Widely accessible. Our providers have options for students and families who have technology limitations, and students without video access can use the phone-only option.

Fully Supported. At Cross Country Education, we handle scheduling of the sessions with your students’ guardians. Moreover, our Cross Country Education Customer Service Team is here to assist as needed.

Virtual Services are Vital

As schools face unexpected challenges and unfolding scenarios, flexible and creative solutions become paramount for administrators and school systems. With that in mind, the primary aim of Cross Country Education Virtual Services is to facilitate access and optimize the delivery of school-based therapy and educational services to help administrators meet these pressing and rapidly evolving goals. Cross Country Virtual Services helps school systems:

Learn More About Cross Country Education Virtual Services

To learn more about how to access our Cross Country Education Virtual Services,
contact us at 800.207.3709 or edu_info@crosscountry.com.